D1.5 Concepts in Design History

For this module, my quiz result was 86%.  I was impressed with that, as I needed 70% to pass.   I was in the process of writing the essay for this module at the time I finished the quiz (6th dec ’10) and had chosen my design movement.  I have decided to choose Modernism as I have some good knowledge on it and have an interest in architecture.  I was to write about how peoples perceptions on Park Hill Flats have changed, from when they were first opened in the early 1960’s to the 1980’s, when places like this would be critisised.   My mark for the essay was 70%!  Overall, on this module I got 78%, which is a first!  I may have found a strong point so far, but I am wiling to keep my options open.


About matttheforth

I am a Design Student currently studying at Leeds Metropolitan University. Previously, I was at Harrogate College studying National Diploma in Graphic Design. Some people do ask why I haven't stuck with Graphic Design at University. The reason for this, is because I do have an interest and good knowledge on a wide range in design and I wish to find myself on this course over the three years and hopefully pursue a career.
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