D1.7 Desktop Publishing

With me going part-time for a bit, some of this project was deferred. However, I managed to hand in my DTP work. This was showing my basic skills of using Photoshop and InDesign. I produced 3 pages, showing both skills (for Photoshop and Illustrator) in an InDesign document.  For this, I have chosen to write some text about a College trip to Barnsley which took place in 2009 and was about the history of album cover designs and how they have developed since.  The pictures have been edited in Photoshop, using the crop tools, de-saturating the colour, magic wand tool etc.  Below, you will see some of the evidence showing my skills for Desktop Publishing on both Photoshop and InDesign.

To start with, I uploaded some of the images onto Photoshop.  For example, this photograph of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon cover has potential to be edited as the reflection of the lights can be removed, for this I used the clone stamp tool

As you can see, I would use the clone stamp to remove any light reflection you can see on this picture and many others, if there is any.  I made sure that the area to clone was in a similar shade to make to the area surrounding the lights so it could blend in.

I would then use the crop tool to remove any parts of the picture I felt was unnecessary.

This is the final result of the example of my Photoshop skills.  I will now show the some of the skills used in InDesign

To make the pages in InDesign, I loaded up a new document for three separate pages, the graphics on them were done in the style of Icon Magazine.

Above is the basic layout of the pages.  From there I started to insert the text, pictures and graphics to make it more like a magazine page.  To start with I started to produce text boxes and place my text into them:

Once this was done, I would then place the pictures to the corresponding text:

Once I got the text and pictures into place I then started to put in the graphics:


About matttheforth

I am a Design Student currently studying at Leeds Metropolitan University. Previously, I was at Harrogate College studying National Diploma in Graphic Design. Some people do ask why I haven't stuck with Graphic Design at University. The reason for this, is because I do have an interest and good knowledge on a wide range in design and I wish to find myself on this course over the three years and hopefully pursue a career.
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