Freehand Drawing, Technical Drawing and Materials and Processes Quiz

During February-April we had alternate sessions with Freehand drawing with Kat and Technical drawing with Richard.  The freehand drawing was in the perspectives of design.  The assessment was to produce a drawing of my lamp and a figure I only just passed this part of the module, I feel I could have done better myself, but I have found it a very difficult part to be very honest.

A quiz for this module also took place for materials and processes, of which we had lectures for these.

I have handed in my Technical Drawing assignment from which we had the four sessions with Richard, I must say whilst I had found it interesting, I did find drawing a toaster to scale to be something of a challenge.  Then again, I wasn’t really much fond of my 3D rendered drawing of it.  The drawing wasn’t the problem per-se, it was more towards using Photoshop to render it – something of which I have never done before.


About matttheforth

I am a Design Student currently studying at Leeds Metropolitan University. Previously, I was at Harrogate College studying National Diploma in Graphic Design. Some people do ask why I haven't stuck with Graphic Design at University. The reason for this, is because I do have an interest and good knowledge on a wide range in design and I wish to find myself on this course over the three years and hopefully pursue a career.
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