Critique of Level 6 Student – Martin Gray (Part 2)

Earlier, on my blog entry about Martin Gray, I mentioned about the use of Guerilla Marketing and the impact it currently has. I can mention how this links into his final project. Martin has looked into the problems with littering in Leeds and how it seems to go unnoticed and where it seems to be a bigger problem. He has found it doesn’t seem to be taken seriously enough by students and that possibly the image of recycling has a negative impact on both students and the general public. What he done is set up a website and has produced tags with a logo that is akin to the official Leeds City Council symbol and came up with the identity of “Leeds Green Council”.  The reason for using a design based on the Leeds City Council logo was to make it look official. The tags are an interesting part of this project and are colour coded. These tags can be fitted onto to people’s bins and would possibly make the use of shock value – the shock that the resident could be fined.  To show how much like the Leeds Green Council logo looks like the Leeds City Council logo, below is a picture showing the two symbols.  On the left is the Leeds Green Council logo and on the right, is the official Leeds City Council logo.  On the Leeds Green Council logo, you can see the use of the Keep Britain Tidy symbol has been used.  On a larger picture, the eyes of the owls are made up of the symbol for recycling and the recycling arrows have also been used on the shield too.

On the tags, are the link to Leeds Green Council website, when the user accesses it, they go onto an online survey and can fill out 10 questions on why students hardly recycle and there it will contribute as feedback. The feedback received will help contribute a more “relaxed’ version of the site. This version will be more fun, will help promote recycling and re-using into something more fun than chore, it should also help make recycling/re-using cool, current and fun. There is the possibility that a game may featured onto the website at a later stage, or something to make it more engaging. Going back on the use of tags, they will not be used widespread across Leeds as it could be illegal as it does look very similar to the official logo for Leeds City Council. The use of the councils image will be used temporary to begin with and see if it does work.  These tags will be used to see if people do take notice.  Below is a screenshot of the Leeds Green Council website and how it looks at the moment, of which there are links that take you to a survey for students and how often they recycle and if it has become unfashionable to recycle and why it has and how recycling could be more fun/appealing:

I have also enclosed a PDF of his brief about the project here. D3.3 working brief – Martin Gray


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I am a Design Student currently studying at Leeds Metropolitan University. Previously, I was at Harrogate College studying National Diploma in Graphic Design. Some people do ask why I haven't stuck with Graphic Design at University. The reason for this, is because I do have an interest and good knowledge on a wide range in design and I wish to find myself on this course over the three years and hopefully pursue a career.
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