My manifesto

I have been thinking about my manifesto as I have started to approach towards then end of my first year at University and my goals and aims for my second year. The first question I have asked my self is:
What is my chosen pathway? I have decided to narrow my pathway down to Design Digital, the reason for this, is my knowledge and my interests are both equal in this aspect, most others I have found to have been more towards interest than knowledge. Having them both equal is at an advantage, as it means I could work down a pathway with my interest and knowledge are both put into practise, plus, I also feel like I know what I am doing.

My next question I have asked myself has been:
What do I wish to aim for? The answer for this one is rather vague, but I have thought long and hard and whilst – to some – I may seem have my aims low, I do wish to finish University with at least a 2:2. But I guess I have set myself a target. The reason why I wish to aim for at least a 2:2 is so if I wish to do so, I could go back to education for a Masters Degree some years later.
Another question I have asked:
What are my strong/weak points?
I have found that over time, my strong points have lied in essay writing, I have a keen interest in the history behind certain aspects of design, along with the political and social movements. To put it simply, the basic “who”, “what”, “where”, “when”, “why” and “how” behind design. I also feel my strong points is designing anything seem to lie in using both software such as Photoshop, InDesign and even Illustrator (even thought it isn’t really used on this course, but I do find it a useful tool), I also enjoy creating using mixed media and manipulating images etc.

These questions have seem to have given me the insight I needed for my future pathway and I think they have justified my choice for Level 5.


About matttheforth

I am a Design Student currently studying at Leeds Metropolitan University. Previously, I was at Harrogate College studying National Diploma in Graphic Design. Some people do ask why I haven't stuck with Graphic Design at University. The reason for this, is because I do have an interest and good knowledge on a wide range in design and I wish to find myself on this course over the three years and hopefully pursue a career.
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